Comparison Between Renault Twingo Suzuki Celerio and VW Up

Microcars are no longer just cheap goods. They are trendy as a fashion detail with whom the singularity emphasizes. Thanks to personalization, a term invented by the producers, they became fashionable, attractive and coveted as some fancy piece of clothing. That’s why sales are blooming.

And while few people have paid attention to it, the last decade in the market for small cars blooms. The demand for small cars is rising due to their practicality, low price, low consumption and low maintenance costs.

Manufacturers have momentarily captured the moment and invented the notion of a personalization with which the little ones become fashionable, attractive and desirable. The new generation of microcars is tailored precisely because of the notion that sales are booming!

Renault Tungo is a typical example of a chic urban car. With an eye-catching face, a unique concept of the engine and rear-wheel drive and a wide range of colors for choice. But it’s not up to the appearance, therefore Volkswagen is pushed as a mature product with content from which even those of the higher classes would not be embarrassed. But Suzuki, who has a long tradition in making small vehicles with the model Celerio does not want to participate in the game. It is simple, rugged, decent but with no large selection of colors and no possibility of personalization.

Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo GT Technical Details
POWER 99 BHP @ 5500 RPM
TORQUE 107 lb-ft @ 3000 RPM 145 Nm @ 3000 RPM
FUEL SYSTEM Multipoint Injection
FUEL Gasoline
CO2 EMISSIONS 140 g/km
TOP SPEED 117 mph OR 188 km/h
ACCELERATION 0 – 100km/h 9.4 s
FUEL CONSUMPTION City(7.6l)Highway(4.6l)Comb.(5.9l)
DRIVE TYPE Front Wheel
GEARBOX Manual, 5 Speed
TIRE SIZE 185/55 R15
LENGTH 141.7 in OR 3599 mm
WIDTH 65.1 in OR 1654 mm
HEIGHT 57.9 in OR 1471 mm
WEIGHT 2161 lbs OR 980 kg

There is no doubt that the Renault Twingo is a kind of conceptual refreshment in the microcar segment. Because it rides with an engine mounted rearward and an appropriate rear axle drive.
The concept comes from the collaboration with Mercedes that sets its Smart on an identical basis. However, the Twingo is the model that broke the ice and first reached the buyers a few months before Smart. The engine set behind it aims to release a lot of space in the cabin, more seat for the driver and front passenger than the rear bench passengers benefit from. Another thing that conquers Twingo is the ability to customize. She will be enticed by young people in years and in spirit. Unlike VW UP! Offers a fully coated cabin with no metal parts of light to capture the feel of a high-end model. But the plan is partially successful. Regardless of the engine that’s back away, it’s sporty driving dynamics, its 70HP allow it to drive outdoors, but for that, it’s like a ride on the console of a video game.

Suzuki Celerio

Suzuki Celerio Technical Details
POWER 68 hp/6000 rpm.
TORQUE 90 Nm/3500 rpm.
FUEL SYSTEM Multipoint Injection
FUEL Petrol Gasoline
TOP SPEED 155 km/h
ACCELERATION 0 – 100km/h 15.2 s
FUEL CONSUMPTION City(5.6l)Highway(3.9l)Comb.(4.6l)
DRIVE TYPE Front Wheel
GEARBOX Manual, 5 Speed
TIRE SIZE 165/65 R14 79S
LENGTH 3600 mm.
WIDTH 1600 mm.
HEIGHT 1540 mm.
WEIGHT 885 kg.

Unlike most of the automobile products that give their city models a new generation to give them a live performance, making them like dolls to attract attention. Suzuki plays on a completely different map. They packed his latest representative in the segment called Celerio, packing it in a simple design, with a simple yet solid mechanics, and filled it with a lot of equipment. And so. There are no customization options, no wide color palette, there are countless options that lure and extract the last coin from the buyer’s pockets. Celerio is a literally modern, micro-car tailored according to the old one. Under the hood, a 1.0-liter performance only with 68-horsepower can be paired with a manual or automatic gearbox AGS. But with the basic level of GL equipment, only the manual 5-speed gearbox is the best option. Even the most basic model of Celerio includes the package, air conditioning, Bluetooth, tire pressure control, and so on. They have competitors but not for 9.290 euros. In addition, the most spacious cabin the segment and the largest rack is only 3 liters larger than the VW UP!


Volkswagen UP! Technical Details
POWER 75 hp/6200 rpm.
TORQUE 95 Nm/3000-4300 rpm.
FUEL SYSTEM Multipoint Injection
FUEL Petrol Gasoline
TOP SPEED 155 km/h
ACCELERATION 0 – 100km/h 14.9 s
FUEL CONSUMPTION City(4.6l)Highway(3.8l)Comb.(4.4l)
DRIVE TYPE Front Wheel
GEARBOX Manual, 5 Speed
TIRE SIZE 175/65 R14; 185/55 R15
LENGTH 3600 mm.
WIDTH 1641 mm.
HEIGHT 1504 mm.
WEIGHT 865 kg.

The smallest car in the supply of Volkswagen is much larger than its dimensions. Not in vain is the name up! he raises the new one and changes the perception of how a micro or plot car should behave. UP! is a mature content packed in a carefully selected package and powered by a fuel-efficient 1.0-liter petrol engine with 75HP which we consider to be the right measure. Rides matured like the larger VW models. It has precise management that makes it fun in the city and on the road, the ace for the class shows a great deal of refinement. The undercarriage successfully smooths unevenness, isolates the cab and improves driving comfort. All this fits with a refreshing character that gives him a sports note. In addition, the personalization options come with a large selection of stickers, lightweight alloy wheels with a fresh design and decorating the cab for a stylish stay. Who wants to pay for the excellent Beats audio system of 300W with a subwoofer in the trunk. Here is also the connection for a smartphone that through the VW application displays the navigation, serves as an information system, and also shows a picture from the reverse camera if it is set. Inside UP! remains surprisingly decent. This is true for the back bench, which is still foreseen for two. It also satisfies the trunk that is the top of the class. But, like many other micro cars, it is bothering that the rear-view mirrors do not go down, but are hinged like three-door models.